Bhakti Shakti Chanting is a simple yet powerful spiritual practice.
For more that 14 years participants and musicians have gathered together in to chant meditative Sanskrit Mantras
in unison,
enhanced and supported by beautiful evolving music. We repeat these Sacred Sounds together cultivating the ability
to focus our attention beyond the mind. With practice and devotion, we begin to sustain this one pointed focused attention
without drifting into distraction and thinking about other things, and as we continue to practice, something magical begins to happen.
All our individual voices merge together and we discover our One Voice. No experience is necessary.
This is simply an open invitation to let go and offer your voice, breathe, sing, dance, clap, and dwell in the Core of our Being.

“Group chanting and prayer is very powerful. It can change anything.
The lost harmony of the human mind can be restored only through a selfless attitude
supported by prayer,
meditation and chanting of mantras.” Amritanandamayi Devi



Boulder Chanting and Meditation
Every Sunday

Adi Shakti Sanctuary
6717 Valmont Rd, Boulder 80301

7:00 – 9:30pm $10 maintenance donation
Mantra Music offering by:
Kalyani Karen DeMarco, Ken Berstein, Robert Rand,
Gayan Gregory Long, Laura Moses Granger & David Coddington

Please bring a refreshing snack to share after Kirtan and mingle with like minded folks.



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Bhakti Shakti Chanting
100% supported by your Donations
Please give what this is worth to you


Denver Chanting and Meditation
Second Friday every month
FRIDAY March 13

Samadhi Yoga Center in the Satya Room
639 E 19th Ave, Denver CO 80203

7:45 - 9:00pm $10 maintenance donation
Mantra Music offering by;
Kalyani Karen DeMarco, Ken Bernstein, Robert Rand,
Steve Bross, and David Coddington

Enjoy our Live Mantra Music during
Jeremy Soloman Wolf's Flow Yoga Class
before Kirtan at 5:30





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More about Bhakti Shakti Chanting


Chanting quiets our minds
At Bhakti Shakti Kirtans we chant ancient Sanskrit mantras in unison that call upon sacred vibrations, and give expression to our Hearts calling. Our participation carries us to the core of our being, and opens our hearts by allowing our minds to become quiet and focused. We can relax and drop into a grounded sense of our own True Nature as the embodiment of Love, and begin to hear the continuous conversation of our Heart Wisdom in every moment. Simple Mantras, repeated over and over, frees us from the daily chattering of our minds so we can have a deeper experience of vibration, mantra, music, breath, and all our senses, as we attune and let Love move through us, revealing our natural state.



Chanting in Unison - Come Together
All our chants are intentionally designed to be simple, welcoming and inclusive. Some are familiar favorites reinterpreted and some are original mantra music, all chants are different and spontaneous each time we sing them. Everyone is encouraged to chant together in unison, as a Kirtan Choir, and to sing loudly, breathe, clap, express inner joy, and dance while listening to each other and chanting with inspiring ecstatic musical accompaniment. Gradually and inevitably we shift our identity away from the minds limited thinking, and into the Heart of InterBeing, of Oneness. We offer this Kirtan for you, and for us all, so we can trust and let go into the Love and Divinity in our Hearts and discover that we are not alone.



Direct Experiential Realization
Come participate and see for yourself. We offer this as Sadhana, a co created spiritual practice, and encouraged everyone to cultivate their ability to maintain a singular focus on the Divine Heart already within us. We are silent in between chants, allowing a deeper opening into the Heart, and relaxing into devoted concentration and connection to our unified Self. We co-create special Kirtan and Puja celebrations throughout the year with extended hours of chanting and offerings. This allows us to activate and attune to specific qualities of our Divinity.



100% supported by you!
All our Kirtans are funded by your Donations and we choose to rely on individual integrity and generosity, in the spirit of the gift. Your support in participating is greatly appreciated and we offer our Kirtans freely as a gift. We are able to be here with you because of your financial support. We have expenses to pay for rent, supplies and musicians. The $10 per person we ask for is a minimum maintenance amount. If you have felt enriched or moved by your Kirtan experience, please offer an additional donation so that we can continue to serve you. You can also reciprocate by donating your time as an offering of Love to the community. By volunteering your time to create this Kirtan, bringing food for Prasad, and helping set up and clean up after, you serve the whole community and beyond.


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Lokaha Samastaha Sukhino Bhavantu
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti-hi

May all beings everywhere be Happy and Free
May my thoughts, words, and actions contribute to the Peace, Contentment and Freedom for all
Peace, Peace, Peace

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